Strokes affect 795,000 people annually costing $72 billion dollars in medical expenses. When an individual is affected by a stroke, up to 2 million brain cells are lost per minute, therefore the speed at which they are treated is crucial. In most cases, the nearest hospital to the stroke victim lacks appropriate personnel and services, and the patient is often required to be moved to another facility. These issues delay proper treatment and incur further irreversible damage. The speed at which stroke victims are treated is crucial to their recovery. 

Blast Resolve offers an innovative way to help those affected by strokes and save lives. We have developed a "next generation" telemedicine system that provides an affordable, reimbursable, and highly reliable program that helps clinicians diagnose and begin effective treatment during the earliest onset of the problem - during transport to the hospital. 

By using remote diagnosis in the ambulance, with the combined efforts of paramedics and connected physician specialists, they can work with the hospital's medical staff to provide the fastest and most effective treatment protocols for those suffering from a stroke, when every moment counts. By sharing information to significantly reduce the time between stroke onset and patient treatment, lives are saved.  Additionally, severity of long term effects and substantial costs are minimized.